Sometimes it's hard to tell the "players"...

Charlie Darling csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Sun Nov 16 09:05:41 MST 2003

I misplaced the original source....

>From an article on a high school football camp "hazing" gone bad:
"...Judge to Decide Whether Players Should Be Tried as Adults
Pat and Carol are now bracing for what will happen in a Pennsylvania
courthouse on Wednesday, when a judge will decide whether the three varsity
players who have been accused of the sexual assaults should be tried as
adults or juveniles. And their sons will take the stand and tell the court
what happened to them.
"I don't want my child to go on that stand," Carol said, "but I
 feel it's
the right thing that has to be done so that justice may be served. So that
this won't happen to someone else."
Both Pat and Carol are hoping that the judge will decide to have the older
boys tried as adults. "We want adult certification. That way, they can
punishment. Otherwise, [in] juvenile there is no punishment. It's
probation," Pat said. If tried as adults, the boys could face 20 years in
District Attorney Zimmer has charged the boys with a litany of offenses,
including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, kidnapping, aggravated
assault, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.
Carol and Pat say they're not seeking 20 years for the accused attackers.
They just want their boys to get through high school without the fear of
having to face their attackers again..."

Of course - the ACLU is ALREADY fighting to get the attackers jobs as BOY

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