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John A. Quayle Boss302 at LOCALNET.COM
Sun Nov 16 15:05:50 MST 2003

>At 03:54 AM 11/16/2003 -0500, some Quayle person wrote:
>>         Well, Pennsylvania seems to be among the nation's leaders in
>>school administrative stupidity. Just recall the East Stroudsburg
>>incident of forced gynecological exams of a class of seventh grade girls
>>in 1997, just as a single example.

At 08:19 AM 11/16/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>Whatever happened with that?

         Gosh, Jim.............the internet outrage was a mighty tide and
the follow-up to the story was really kept quiet to allow the incident to
die down. I was furious, personally, since I had a daughter close to that
age at the time and also, my sister-in-law teaches in the Manheim school
district (Jose and Sue know where I'm talking about), not too far from the
scene of the crime.

>Were any lawsuits filed?

         There were threats of legal action at the very last I heard. I
would expect the answer to be an unqualified "yes" by this point. Little
girls were crying, while being forced to wait in line for their "required"
exam and a few girls expressed a desire to leap out of the window, rather
than go through with the exam. It was a really ugly, heart-breaking story.
Had one of my girls been among these children, I'm afraid that I would've
completely lost all self control by giving those responsible a hot lead enema.

>  How did they end? Was anyone ever sent to jail for this?

         Unsure about either, since follow-up info has been scarce. Jail
should be the least of their worries, as I see things. Any other Keystone
State folks on this list know anything else? William? Jose??? Sue?? Thomas?!?

John Q.
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