WS>>Bush's Mexican agenda has cost him hundreds of thousands of loyal

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Tue Nov 18 02:50:32 MST 2003

Anything that starts with "agenda" (or scheme, plot, etc...) deserves more
challenge than this.  We must be slipping.

>>Should we reelect him as a reward for this????<<

Remind me of the Dem's "agenda" re> minorities.

>>...its  brainstorm  of  winning the Hispanic vote... <<

Which is exactly how Bush won Florida, and he did win Florida, even after a
recount in Democratic enclaves where partisan officials found 8 to 9 Gore
chads for every Bush chad.

>>... the voters the Bush campaign failed to win in the last election,
>>"is  among self-identified white,  evangelical  Protestants,
>>Pentecostals  and fundamentalists.....

How did Algore carry 60% to 85% of the fem vote, black vote, union vote,
Jewish vote, gay vote, senior vote, etc... and still come up with only 49% of
the total vote????  Because the very block of votes discussed here voted Bush
or nothing.  Ditto the '92 and '96 elections where Clinton won with similar
49% of the vote.  No political party in modern history has failed worse with
a block of voters than the Dems did with this block.  Funny how the author
thinks this is a "Bush" problem.

>>...Since Mr. Bush lost  the  popular  vote  to  Al Gore and won the
>> election at all  only  because Green Party candidate Ralph Nader took
>> votes from the  Democrat,.........

Nader did not cause Gore to loose his home state.  The once pro-gun, pro-life
Senator lost his home state (and all surrounding southern states) because the
people who knew the old Gore the best liked the new Gore least.

The fool who wrote this is getting dizzy from his own spin.


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