Broadcast Excellence Returns!!!

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Nov 17 19:55:31 MST 2003

That would require Rush to Channel Judge Roy Bean.  Still if Bush does
actually cut social(istic) spending to pay for the war on Islam the left
will be too busy making fools of themselves to give Rush much trouble.


On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 17:23:27 -0500 "John A. Quayle"
<Boss302 at LOCALNET.COM>
>At 07:17 PM 11/15/2003 -0800, carl william spitzer iv wrote:
>>I estimate the liberals will call 7 times to crow about his problem.
>         Carl, you badly underestimate the opposition. They will wear
>out and do so for at least the next six months or so. None of the
>lefties can answer this simple question. What makes Rush a hypocrite -
>since Rush got hooked on pain-killers legitmately prescribed by his
>while at the same time, Rush has been sharply critical of illegal
>abuse, such as cocaine, methamphetamines and pot?
>>I also expect the return of caller abortions.
>         Too bad there aren't "caller executions" and televised on
>John Q.

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