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Rob Loach rob at IVMAN.COM
Tue Nov 18 17:40:15 MST 2003

You wrote:
>The bone smokers won a victory in the people's republic of
>Massachusetts.  That state's supreme court said it's ok for two bone
>smokers or two carpet munchers to get married.  This might be the thing
>needed to push people into supporting a constitutional amendment defining
>marriage as involving one man and one woman.

I'm sure that such an amendment would be struck down as unconstitutional. It seems that then only things that are "constitutional" any more are the things our nation has condemned from the very start. Virtually anything that has always been part of the moral fabric of this once-great nation is what is now being declared "unconstitutional" - and that, almost daily any more.

If we don't get some good judges in place very soon, we will no longer recognize America!

This gives a whole new meaning to "judges ruling"!!!


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