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[That Quayle lad babbled:]

>>         Yes!!!  In the Peterson case, too!

At 06:07 AM 11/22/2003 -0800, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>I'd rather that the truth be successful. Maybe you've seen more evidence
>in the Peterson case. Lord knows, the posters here always have far more
>evidence than the police do. Personally I tend to think Scott Peterson is
>guilty. I just don't have any evidence to help the police. You obviously
>do. Share it with them. From what I have read, they need the help.

         Nay, nay, Stephen! To both concerns. I haven't any evidence. Nor
have I paid much attention to the gathering of same. Rather, I've listened
to the seemingly endless parade of legal pundits on night after night with
Greta Van Susteren. I've also heard the professional opinion of forensic
pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht.

>I hope I am wrong, too. But they made some big time blunders on this

         FNC's Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano seems to think that
Modesto's police department is among the finest in America at the moment. I
have no particular opinion, personally. I've not studied any police
department's efficiency or investigative skills.

>Maybe they are holding some aces up their sleeves. That would be good.

         Perhaps you may wish to ask that of the Judge. I'm certain he knows.

John Q.
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