Game over, we lost

Rob Loach rob at IVMAN.COM
Tue Nov 25 08:24:41 MST 2003

I'm forwarding to y'all today's "Daily Dispatch" from Ralph Bristol, one
of our best conservative voices on our local NewsTalk radio station WORD
1330 AM. I'd like to know what some of you think of what he has to say
today. (see article below)


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Under the Democrats, man exploits man. Under the Republicans, it's just
the reverse.

Here ya go from

Game over, we lost
Ralph Bristol
November 24, 2003

The era of big government is here to stay.

It’s time to wave the white flag and find another cause for which to
fight. The game is over and we have lost. Big government is here to stay.
It’s going to continue to get bigger and there is nothing anyone can do
about it.

House passage of the new Medicare prescription drug bill (and impending
Senate passage) is the death-knoll to the dim hope for a return to small
government, rugged individualism, personal responsibility and low taxes.
The collectivists have won. They have completely taken over the government
and both of the political parties in power.

Sometimes the wrong team wins. That’s life. In sports, you can “wait til
next year,” like the Chicago Cubs have been doing since 1908, but that
only works if there is a team for whom to root.  In politics in America,
there’s no longer a team on my side.  Democrats are in favor of expanding
government at 100 miles an hour. Republicans are in favor of expanding
government at 70 miles an hour.

>From now on, I will vote for the Libertarian candidate whenever there is
one, but I’m not kidding myself. I know the Libertarians are nothing more
than a minor nuisance to the two political behemoths.  Most of the
Libertarian candidates are a bit too flaky to be taken seriously.  Even
when they are not, they are powerless to influence the 80 percent of
mind-numbed voters who automatically vote “D” or “R.”

My only hesitation in finally accepting the obvious is that I will be
abandoning a few principled Republicans who are not yet ready to
surrender.  I hate to disappoint deserving people, but isn’t it just as
cruel to pretend there’s hope when there’s not?

I’ll still give airtime to conservatives who want to promote conservative
causes, but only out of respect, not because it will do any good.

I can’t say right now how this defeat will affect the content of the Ralph
Bristol Show. It will have an effect to be sure.  Most likely, I will
spend much less time on politics and government than before and devote
more time to topics that are closer to home.

I will also be giving a lot of thought about how we can all best deal with
this new reality – how we should prepare financially, and help our
children and grandchildren to do the same.

You are welcome to be thoroughly disgusted with me if you wish, but I feel
compelled to tell you the truth, even when the truth hurts. The truth is
that the game is over – and we have lost

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