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Tom's note: Many places in the world set aside a time to give thanks,
usually a Fall/Autumn festival. While the customs may vary from country
country, the desire to reflect on the blessings of life is common.

Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth
Thursday in November, a tradition of remembering the Pilgrims and
in the New World. Our Canadian neighbors celebrate on the second Monday
October, giving thanks for a successful harvest. Canada is further north
and thus, the harvest season falls earlier in Canada compared to the
States. As a bit of Thanksgiving trivia, the first formal Canadian
Thanksgiving was held about 40 years prior to the landing of the Pilgrims

at Plymouth Rock.

No matter where you are from, it is a time for families to get together,
give thanks, and celebrate with food (turkey is one of the traditional
items). And don't forget football (I bet those Pilgrims loosened their
ol' buckles and just stared at the camp fire ... until half-time).

Thanksgiving also marks the unofficial beginning of the winter holiday
season. All the humor at Good Clean Fun this week will be of the
Thanksgiving genre.

This is a repeat from the GCF Archives - (November 23, 1998)

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GCF: Grandfather Turkey

Just before Thanksgiving, the holding pen was abuzz as Mother Turkey
scolded her younger birds. "You turkeys are always into mischief," she
gobbled. "If your grandfather could see the things you do, he'd turn over

in his gravy."

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