Would Bill or Hillary do this?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Thu Nov 27 17:34:11 MST 2003

At 04:18 PM 11/27/2003, you wrote:
>Today I read that while he was in Baghdad, Bush spent some time serving
>food to the soldiers who were in line to get their turkey dinners.
>Think about this for a moment.  Bush risked his life to go there.  While
>it's true that he took precautions to risk his life, the plane he was in
>could have been shot down.  Once he got there, he who is at the top of the
>military chain of command spent time serving food to those at the
>bottom.  Can you imagine Bill Clinton risking his life to do any of this?

Anything to look good.

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