Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Tue Apr 6 03:29:24 MDT 2004

My experience at an energy seminar was that no solution to our energy problems is without opposition from some portion of the wacko left.

No more oil:  if it means drilling off the coast, bringing in new mega size tankers, drilling  or cutting a new pipeline through the sacred wilderness....etc   .

No more coal::  if it means Mr Peabody scaring the land, mine drainage into the streams, or smoke stacks on the coal plants.....etc..

No more Hydro:  if it means damming another sacred river. Migrating fish, snail darter, and graffiti left by natives on rocks a few hundred years ago are all more sacred than clean safe energy....etc...

No more wind power:  If it means killing bats in Souther California or "polluting" the scenic shores of the northeast with industrial looking windmills....etc...

No solar: If it means large scale solar farms.  The fragile desert South West is one of last unspoiled wilderness. The lefties lament that the tracks of Gen Patton(then Col) tanks left scars that are still visible today.  Millions of acres of solar arrays needed to produce meaningful amounts of power are out of the question.... etc...

No more batteries:  Aside from the quandary on how to generate clean electricity without using one of the methods above, there are not a lot of good ways to store the electricity for use when the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining.  Any measurable lead pollution around the lead mines in Colorado or the battery factories in Reading PA is a crime against the environment. Replace your car's 50 lb starter battery with a 1000lb pack for an electric motor?  No way.  Replace lead pollution with nickel, lithium, or battery acid  pollution?   No way.

Don't hold your breath waiting for people who see evil in windmills and solar farms to accept more nuke plants.


> Maybe someone's touched on this in the past, but I have to wonder why it is
> that liberals are so against nuclear power.  It doesn't pollute the air or
> water.  The waste fuel from a nuclear plant can be processed to remove the
> waste and leave the remaining fuel ready to be put back into a
> reactor. .......

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