California Senator seeks Google Gmail ban

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Tue Apr 13 17:42:11 MDT 2004

California Senator seeks Google Gmail ban
A California state Senator is planning to introduce legislation to block
Google's Gmail service. Liz Figueroa says that the 'free' email service,
which users pay for by tolerating advertisements injected into their
correspondence, violates the assumption that emails are private. Figueroa
introduced Do Not Call legislation into the state Senate and said she was
concerned by Google's data retention policies and has asked the company to
"rethink the whole product".

Liz needs a hobby. Google is providing a free service for which they are
specifically stating that they will scan email and serve ads based on words
in the emails. A human is not doing this, a machine is. No one person is
going to be reading emails, a server will. If people do not want this
service, they don't have to sign up. What business is it the govenernments'
to prevent a company from doing business the way they see fit?

If restaurant tells me that they will provide free food but that they will
spit in the food before serving, is it not my choice whether to eat or not?
I am not forced to eat there, I know what is happening, I don't need Liz
telling the restaurant that they can't do that.

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