A Special Thanks to The Democratic Party

rum.runner at JUNO.COM rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Apr 14 22:17:49 MDT 2004

After watching the 9 dwarfs in their debates, listening to Howard Dean's
stirring speech after the Iowa caucus, recalling John Kerry's thrilling
military record in Vietnam and his post war trashing of any veteran who
served in Vietnam, Kerry's ability to change his colors and stand on
various issues better than a chameleon, and the extremely unbiased 911
commission, I realized I owed the future success of President Bush in
November to the Democrats.  No party in any election year that I can
remember, has found more ways to self destruct and show everyone how
incredibly out of focus on reality they are.  I sincerely hope that the
Democratic party continues on their splendid path of impotence.  I want
the Democrats to continue to use their alcoholic murderer (you know him
as Senator Ted "Jabba The Hut" Kennedy) as their attack dog.  I want
Kerry to continue to waffle more than Waffle House.  I want the misguided
liberals to continue their Bush bashing, their class warfare, their
disenfranchisement of the rich, and their totally clueless reality check,
so that Bush will win regardless of the Dems crying voter fraud, blacks
not being able to vote, and other hanging chads.


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