WS>>[forcedaltruism] Personal Voices: Apology to the American Worker

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET
Thu Apr 15 22:32:48 MDT 2004

There is also an increase in the number of staff leasing companies.  If you
need 20 people for a few months, you call one of these companies and tell
them you need 20 people and what qualifications you require.  They send you
the people.  They're not your employees, they are employees of the staff
leasing company.  If you no longer need them, you tell the staff leasing
company you no longer need them and that all there is to it.  This makes it
easier for you because you don't have to fool with worker's comp, benefits,
medical, social security taxes, other federal and state taxes and so
on.  All that is the responsibility of the staff leasing company.  All you
do is pay an agreed upon sum of money for each hour worked by an employee
of the staff leasing company.

At 06:35 PM 4/15/2004, Dennis wrote:

>Of course. There are also the cost of benefits such as medical (high due to
>government interference), vacation, sick leave, retirement funds. Then
>there are indirect taxes such as workman's comp, and a host of regulations
>mandated by the government such as family leave, enviro-wacko laws, hiring
>quotas, etc. All expenses that corporations encounter are paid by either
>employees or consumers. NOT corporations. Foreign outsourcing eliminates
>much of that cost and makes companies better able to compete in the
>international market place.

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