WS>>Bush's La-La Land - Or Occupied (And Fleeced) America?

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Sat Apr 17 20:54:04 MDT 2004


Jim Nantz wrote:

> How quickly would W get it if his property was invaded every night?  His
> house broken into?  His truck stolen?  He's another one of these elitist
> politicians who has no idea what the ordinary people are dealing with in
> their daily lives.  Did you know that right now in Phoenix and Tucson SUVs
> are the most sought after vehicles by car thieves?  It's true.  A lot of
> them are stolen, taken to Mexico and used to bring illegals back. Thursday
> the Arizona Republic reported that a woman in Scottsdale was a victim when
> her Dodge was stolen.  Lucky for her the cops found it just north of the
> border.  Immigration took it to Tucson and notified her.  She had to take
> a day off work to go to Tucson and deal with paperwork.  It was six weeks
> before the drones at Immigration would allow her to send a tow truck to
> recover HER vehicle.  First she was a victim of the car thieves.  Then she
> was a victim of paper pushing bureaucrats when these a$$holes made her
> wait six weeks before they would give her vehicle back to her.
> Someone needs to light a fire under W's butt.
> --
> Del Boy for President

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