Things Governor Schwarzenegger Hears in a Typical Day

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Wed Apr 21 11:03:05 MDT 2004

March 3 Late Show with David Letterman, as presented by members of Arnold
Schwarzenegger's staffTop Ten

10. "When are you going to drop the phony accent?"

 9. "Read the Education Budget and then you can have some Strudel."

 8. "Why does this place always smell like Baby Oil?"

 7. "Are you driving the Hummer to the Earth Day rally?"

 6. "Letterman on the phone again -- should I tell him you're still in a

 5. "The Governor will answer a few questions then show off his abs and

 4. "Relax, Governor -- I wasn't sent from the future to kill you."

 3. "When shaking hands with assembly members, stop squeezing once you
hear a crack."

 2. "You gave up a $25 million salary to do this?!"

 1. "Governor, please put the desk down."

    I suspect the Wahoo Gazette, the Late Show's online
newsletter, may feature a picture of the Schwarzenegger staff
presenting the list. The edition for the March 3 show, however,
has not yet been posted as of the time I'm writing this.

-- Brent Baker

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