Illegals cost taxpayers after they're dead

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The cynical SOB's who railroad these Sugar Daddy programs through and into law know from the start that they ALWAYS grow (Leviathan) and that the political heat it takes to stop these party-pigs' orgies at the public trough will always be too hot to bear.  The question is simply which breaks first, the program or the bank (Taxpayers) that underwrite it.


Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET> wrote:
The political reality is that the programs will continue until we are bankrupt. We can talk about deficits and bankruptcy until we are blue, but the number of sacred cows that will have to be slaughtered is beyond what today's voters will accept.

After the train wreck will be another story.


> If we allow these programs to continue that long the nation will be
> bankrupt. The programs will end when all working people take themselves
> offshore financially even if it becomes a DP offence to avoid 95% tax
> levels.

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