Pat Tillman

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I understand your viewpoint.  It's not every celebrity who gives up a mult
million dollar job to join the Army.

I'm just burned out on all the celebrity worship that goes on.  If some
bimbo breaks up with her boyfriend, it's national news.  If a movie star
gets a cold, it's national news.

I don't believe one soldier deserves a lot of media hype when the others
who die over there are ignored.  Nobody goes on and on about all the men
who died over there leaving wives and children behind.

I'm sorry Tillman died, but I don't see the need to treat him like a god.


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On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Dennis Putnam wrote:

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> At 04:55 PM 4/23/2004, you wrote:
> >Pat Tillman who played for the Arizona Cardinals died in Afghanistan.  The
> >local media is making a big deal about it as is Hannity.
> >
> >Yes Tillman made a sacrifice to join the Army.  So does everyone else who
> >joins any branch of the service.  They all sacrifice something to join up
> >and risk their lives.  Why give Tillman all the extra attention?
> For 2 reasons. First he is relatively well known. Second, how many athletes
> and/or celebrities do you know of that have given up a $4M contract to
> defend their country for a lousy $18K? Off hand I'd say he sacrificed more
> then the average military hero and deserves a little extra notice. Perhaps
> it will motivate others to follow and his legacy will go beyond the
> ultimate sacrifice.
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