FBI geniuses at it again

Charlie Darling csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Fri Apr 23 21:38:24 MDT 2004

No FBI agents were used in the (lengthy) recording of the warning !

 You Wrote:
"...Jim, I'm with ya all the way on this one.  With an allegedly short-handed FBI embroiled in a war with religious psychopaths, it seems to me that the Bureau would better expend its time and resources tending to life and death issues, not ensuring that pampered "music industry" billionairs can buy new chalets in the Swiss Alps.

I mentioned something to my wife about a similar misplaced priority just last night as we settled down to watch a movie on CD.  The FBI warning, in bright red, ran for what seemed five minutes, to ensure, I suppose, that even the open-mouth breathers who watch the movie get the message:  The FBI will get you if you copy this flick!  Good grief!  Set a priority or two and take care of the big stuff first for crying out loud. Kids downloading music AIN'T A NATIONAL CONCERN!


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