Pat Tillman

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At 07:33 PM 4/23/2004, you wrote:
>I'm sorry Tillman died, but I don't see the need to treat him like a god.

In my opinion you are way off base. I've heard no one treating him like a
god, only a deserved hero, and no one I know (then again I don't know any
John F'ing Kerrys, Michael Moores or Jane Fondas) is ignoring others who
made the ultimate sacrifice even though we don't know their names. To think
that a well known celebrity who, by deeds, is an example of a true patriot
should not get extra recognition is, to me, well, unpatriotic. He gave up
fame, fortune and his life for his country. You decry treatment of
celebrities but which other ones have made this sacrifice? If one does not
believe Tillman should be recognized and held up as a role model of
patriotism then, IMO, one taints his sacrifices.

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