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         You may have something here. There was a time when I'd have
laughed at this kinda thing being an election "tactic." However, with this
country having become so obviously polarized in the last decade and given
the insane elements of desperation shown by the power-hungry left, I put
nothing past them anymore. There is nothing too ridiculous or laughable or
childish or what-have-you. They will literally do anything, any time,
anywhere to regain political power in America.

How Sad.................

John Q.

At 01:55 PM 4/2/2004 -0700, James wrote:

>I got an email today from someone who said he has been getting spam
>telling him he should vote for Bush.  The problem with this is that he
>lives in Germany.
>Has anyone on this list ever received any political spam?  It sounds like a
>great way to get people mad at your opponent.  Just send out millions of
>spams telling people they should vote for your opponent.  These victims of
>your spam think it's coming from the opponent's campaign.  Some may react
>by getting mad at him and voting against him.
>This sounds like a DemocRAT trick to me.
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