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Bush endorses a land grab by Israel

President George W. Bush's unconditional endorsement of right-wing Israeli
prime minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan constitutes a shocking
reversal of longstanding U.S. Middle East policy and one of the most
flagrant challenges to international law and the integrity of the United
Nations system ever made by a U.S. president.

By giving unprecedented backing for Israeli plans to annex large swaths of
occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank in order to incorporate
illegal Jewish settlements, Bush has effectively renounced U.N. Security
Council resolutions 242 and 338, which call on Israel - in return for
security guarantees from its Arab neighbors - to withdraw from Palestinian
territories seized in the June 1967 war.

Bush and Sharon have done exactly what their right-wing ideologues have
always dreamed about. They have taken foreign soil by force and now rule
these lands as emperors. The United States wants mineral resources and to
curry favor with a powerful lobby that bankrolls all of Congress, the
judicial branch and the executive branch. Israel has every right to exist
and to exist in peace. It has no right to violate international law,
oppress occupied civilian populations and annex their land.

Let's not get bogged down in superficial discussions as to why the Arabs
hate us. The party line explanations such as "They hate our freedom" are
over-simplifications designed to deflect attention from the real issues.
The fact is people the world over have similar likes and dislikes. Leave
religion out of this one.

The Palestinians and Iraqis have foreign troops occupying their beloved
soil. They want their occupiers to go home. That is something that any
human being would want, regardless of their physical location on the earth.

Intifada is the Arabic word for uprising. Iraq and Palestine are
experiencing intifadas. Until the Americans and Israelis realize that
illegal land grabs are not the solution, people are going to get killed.

What does Bush do? He rubs salt into Arab eyes by unilaterally endorsing
Israel's annexing of land taken by military conquest.

You'll have to exterminate the entire Palestinian and Iraqi population if
both Israel and the United States don't alter their strategy. We are
fighting a terror war, they tell us. Keep on agitating the very people we
should be winning over. Perhaps Bush and Sharon have a plan B.

I doubt it. Order more transfer tubes. We're going to need them.

Lawrence J. Nader

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