FBI geniuses at it again

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That is exactly right, and it's what the Turks did to rid themselves of the mischief of the caliphates.  The loons understand only pain and power.  And that works every time.

BTW, Bevilacqua is a retired MAJOR, not a general.


"John A. Quayle" <blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET> wrote:

        IMHO, the solution is very simple. However, our country lacks the fortitude to carry out the plan. I agree with what Michael Savage has been saying about this situation. We need to raid the mosques and punish the so-called "holy men" who are fueling this jihad against the West.

        FNC's General Bevilacqua (retired) commented the other day that "we just can't afford to start whacking clerics." (Paraphrased)

        I yelled at the TV, "why-in-@#!^-not?!?

        Believe me, Muslims wouldn't give a second thought to blowing up St. Patrick's in New York, Pat Robertson's CBN complex in Virginia Beach or any other Christian religious center - especially during Mass or services, when one could expect such a facility to be crowded.

        So, Jim, you're correct in your call for mosques to be raided. That's the least we can do.......

John Q.

At 02:42 PM 4/23/2004 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

Since soon after 9-11 there have been reports of terrorists using computers to plan attacks. Terrorists use emails to exchange information.
They've been rumored to hide information in what would appear to be an
innocent website. There are ways to hide information within image files
and sound files. The casual observer might think it's just a picture or a
sound clip. True you can't send a geek to infiltrate a moslem terror
cell, but when you raid the mosque and seize a computer, you can use the geek to check out the computer to determine what useful information it contains. If you're eavesdropping on a suspected terrorist's internet
connection, you can use the geek to tell you what the suspect is receiving or sending.


Del Boy for President

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Dennis Putnam wrote:

> The alleged short-handedness is in the area of counter-terrorism. You can't
> send a computer geek to infiltrate Muslim terror cells. You guys are
> talking like liberals. One size fits all FBI agents now too?

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