Life, Liberty and corn dogs

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET
Fri Apr 30 01:00:38 MDT 2004

Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty wants to ban food stamps being spent on
junk food.  Angel Buechner a working mother of four who gets food stamps
says she doesn't believe the government has the right to prevent her from
buying junk food for her kids.  She says "Why should I have to shop on the
other side of the grocery store just because I get food support?"

Lady, I'll answer that for you.  You are using other people's money to buy
your junk food.  You are using the money taken from the other shoppers in
the grocery store to buy your groceries.  If you go to someone and ask
them to give you money to buy food with, they have the right to tell you
how you can spend the money they give you.  Since you are going to the
government for help in buying your groceries, the government has a right
to tell you that you can't buy junk food with the money it gives you.,2933,118599,00.html

Open the link above and click the link to see the report on Fox News.
You'll see that this lady has no reason to complain about the money the
government is giving her for groceries.  You will also see that you have
the right to complain that she's getting too much in food stamps.


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