The End Of NPR?

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Dec 1 14:18:54 MST 2004

   with reference to Juan Williams he ain't nothin, but
a die hard Dem operative who hasn't met a fellow Dem
liberal he could disagree with.  Any compliment of
a Republican conservative by him appears to be followed
by an automatic "but" disclaimer.

  As far as a replacement, let FOX sign on a "Krauthammer"
on the left with intellectual integrity who would be a welcome
change to "spinner" Juan. Let him return to his left wing
cesspool known as National "Pubic" Radio." If he needs
added employment, he could easily find a "home" at CNN.

Ken Wyman

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> At 01:47 AM 11/30/2004, you wrote:
> >   Those employed by NPR should not worry about
> >losing their jobs.  They can find jobs at FOX TV News
> >which is slowly moving leftward since they don't
> >feel comfortable being called a "right wing" news org."
> >Just look at Juan Williams of NPR as a FOX prime news
> >"contributor" spouting his left wing views of the news.
> >One could almost see the tears in Juan's eyes as he
> >reported that his "hero" John Kerry had been beaten by
> >G.W.
> >
> >Ken Wyman
> >
> >"One must fight if only to have fought according
> >to one's conscience"
> >
> You think only right leaning journalists should be on Fox to maintain
> "Fair and Balanced" motto?
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