Where is everyone?

MCSpearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 6 10:40:41 MST 2004

Just seems to be a lull in the action.  Crass
capitalists that they are, they're prawbolly all out
spendin' and consumin' an' all!



--- Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> wrote:

> I only got one post from the list on Sunday.  Has
> the list gone down
> again, or are all of you spending your time doing
> your shopping at
> Wal-Mart?  I went in there today for groceries and
> the place was packed.
> Next year about the 15th of November I'll buy enough
> groceries, soap,
> razor blade, etc to last me until some time in
> January.  That way I won't
> have to go to the store while the rest of you are
> out there buying your
> gifts.
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