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Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Tue Dec 7 18:37:02 MST 2004

I've had a hard time getting upset about the baseball players and their
drug habits.  Why should we be surprised?  These overpaid oversexed thugs
have been coddled all their lives.  Since they've been in grade school
they've gotten the message that the rules that apply to everyone else
don't apply to them.

Also wasn't it about 12 years ago that we didn't have a world series
because the players went on strike for more money?

In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
Del Boy for President.

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, John wrote:

> At 07:07 PM 12/7/2004, Jim wrote:
>       We all know that John McCain wants to introduce legislation
>       that would
>       require drug testing for baseball players.
>       Who does he think he is? King?
>         Well, he thinks he's got more spine than that guy in the
> Commissioner's office, sporting the big, red, rubber nose and the
> gigantic floppy shoes, who goes by the name of Bud Selig. Selig owns the
> Milwaukee Brewers (he bought the Seattle Pilots and move them to
> Milwaukee in 1970). Does anyone else smell "conflict of interest" here or
> is that simply my new after shave, "Eau de Barnum & Bailey"?
>       Why should the federal government get into whether or not
>       baseball players should be tested?
>         Because Selig can't bring himself to discipline the players,
> himself, the whimp!
>       True drug testing is required for airline pilots, but 150
>       people won't die if a baseball player takes steroids before
>       playing a game.
>         True..................steroids can kill a player (Lyle Alzado in
> football, Ken Caminitti in baseball). Plenty of youngsters still look up
> to athletes and emulate what they do - good or bad. McCain, like too many
> legislators of recent vintage, think they have to save the world (not
> just American citizens). If I were McCain, I'd call Selig into my office
> for a little chat. Once in there, I'd scare him to his skivvies about
> what would happen if he didn't assume leadership of the national game and
> do the job like he's supposed to.
>       Yes use of performance enhancing drugs is something that
>       shouldn't happen. However it shouldn't be a federal case. If
>       the team owners won't do anything about it, let the states
>       handle the matter.
>         It's the Commissioner's duty to preserve the game from ruin.
> Selig just doesn't give a flip. He has dragged baseball into a dank,
> wretched gutter in the 12 years that he's pretended to be Commish.
> John Q.

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