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Part of the reason that I have virtually withdrawn all interest (and support or patronization) from baseball in particular, and all other professional sports generally, is due to the boorish, supercilious and privileged behavior and attitudes of players, management and the so-call players' unions.  They disgust me.

These arrogant prima dona above-the-law hedonists, whether we like it (or them) or not, are heroic icons to impressionable youths across the land.  They set patterns, if not standards, for behavior, and they ARE emulated far and wide. And THAT is why they must be held at least to as high a standard as, say, a soldier getting his ass shot at in Iraq.

The US military for years and years and years has conducted random drug abuse screening every single month, in every unit. No whining and bitching about "privacy" and "rights" and all the rest of the obstructionist bullshit. No exemptions, no exceptions -- man, woman, enlisted or officer.  By G-d, to earn millions per year for PLAYING A GAME, I'd happily pee in a cup (or in my hat, for that matter), every day.  Pro jocks, in all their egotistical grandeur, should be, and hope WILL BE subjected to the same rigors.  And just as a soldier would face anything ranging from an Article-15 to a court martial, and certainly be expulsed from service after a subsequent infraction, so should the jockocracy.  Yes, Virginia, including "stars" like the insufferable Bobby Bonds.

I don't often find things to agree with when it comes to Senator McCain, but this is one of those wonderful times when I can.  I support legislation that (1) forces the issue past hand-wringing agents and players' union morons, and (2) puts 10-inch nail teeth into the rules.


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I say that as long as the federal government grants baseball an exemption
from anti-trust laws, the federal government can pretty much dictate
anything to baseball. Now, remove the exemption and then I'll agree with

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> We all know that John McCain wants to introduce legislation that would
> require drug testing for baseball players.
> Who does he think he is? King?
> Why should the federal government get into whether or not baseball players
> should be tested? True drug testing is required for airline pilots, but
> 150 people won't die if a baseball player takes steroids before playing a
> game.
> Yes use of performance enhancing drugs is something that shouldn't happen.
> However it shouldn't be a federal case. If the team owners won't do
> anything about it, let the states handle the matter.
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