The Coulter "Sledgehammer" Comes Down On Libs.....

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Sat Dec 11 12:31:00 MST 2004

   Coulter is terrific.  She takes no prisoners.


John wrote:

> The New And Improved Racism
> Ann Coulter
> December 9, 2004
> Still furious about the election, liberals are lashing out at blacks.
> First it was Condoleezza Rice. But calling a Ph.D. who advised a
> sitting president during war "Aunt Jemima" apparently hasn't satiated
> the Democrats' rage. Even the racist cartoons didn't help.
> So this week, they've turned with a vengeance to Clarence Thomas. Only
> the Democrats would try to distract from their racist attacks on one
> black Republican by leveling racist attacks against a different black
> Republican. If Democrats don't nip this in the bud, soon former
> Klanner and Democratic Sen. Bob Byrd will be their spokesman.
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