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These behaviors are condoned by management, sponsors and fans.  In some cases they are abetted or even encouraged.  Some of these behaviors actually are used as bait by some recruiters.  But the fans, the fans, the fans -- as long as their knuckle-headed team loyalties exceed their community and personal values, the fans remain the foremost enablers. While they remain as the central engine that allows this stuff, they also necessarily have the power to forbid and end the Hedonistic romp of the gangsters and social misfits comprising the NBA ... and MLB, and NFL ....


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>>Why all the hype and in particular the pretended shock? Next thing you know
>>we'll be finding out that NBA players are using cocaine, amphetamines and
>>other controlled substances.
>They would never do that. Would they?

No more likely then they would rape women, commit adultery or abuse their

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