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         You  Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept.
          By James Fulford

          "Bigotry  is  an incapacity to conceive  seriously  the
          alternative to a proposition."          G. K Chesterton
          London Daily News, 1910

          In the 1950's, universities were castigated for  asking
     faculty to swear that they were 100% Americans. Now  they're
     asking  them  to swear that they're not.  According  to  the
     Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE,  job

     applicants at Bucks County Community College have been asked
     to  describe their "commitment to diversity" - in  the  same
     terms that real world job applicants are asked if they're in
     the  habit of showing up on time, are they hard-working,  or
     can they spell "parallel?"

          But not everybody in America thinks diversity is neces-
     sarily  a good thing, especially if they have  to  sacrifice
     such  things as fairness, excellence, truth, and honesty  to
     achieve  it. And this belief is what's called a  "political"

          It's a fairly respectable political position, and  more
     or  less  the position of political  conservatives  and  the
     Republican Party.

          But it seems that the President of the College  doesn't
     realize  this.  Nor  does the Middle  States  Commission  on
     Higher  Education,  the accrediting agency which  sets  down
     guidelines requiring diversity.

          Most  of these people don't even know any  Republicans.
     They can't even conceive that a Republican is an intellectu-
     ally  respectable thing to be. (I'm aware that many in  this
     audience are members of the Reform, Constitution, Libertari-
     an, or Non-Voting Parties. But the principle is the same.)

          When  Nixon was elected by a landslide in '72,  Pauline
     Kael couldn't understand it.

          "No one I know voted for him." she said.

          And  while  the college is no doubt trying  to  satisfy
     EEOC guidelines on the ethnic diversity of their  workforce,
     I  doubt if it has occurred to them to beat the  bushes  for
     more  Republicans,  in spite of the  fact  that  Republicans
     constitute fifty percent of the electorate and five  percent
     of teachers.

          Colleges  are up to 95% Democrat. Does this  mean  that
     the Civil Rights Commission should investigate their  hiring

          No,  they should be investigated by the  Civil  Service
     Commission,  for  reasons that have nothing to do  with  the
     concept of a "culture war."

          The FIRE web site has details of a lot more of  various
     kinds  of  PC, and the book The Shadow  University  is  well
     worth  reading. The general level of actual insanity in  the
     academic profession is growing.

          But  while I could talk about the Decline of the  West,
     the Long March through the Institutions, or the  Destruction
     of Civilization, what we're looking at here is much simpler,
     which  is  good, because it can be explained to  a  jury  if

          I can illustrate this with a story.

          During  World  War  II, a man applied for a  job  at  a
     defense plant in Texas.

          The interviewer asked him the following question:  "Are
     you  a  member of any group or organization which  means  to
     overthrow the Government of the United States?"

          "Yes, sir, I am." he said.

          "You  are?"  said the interviewer, who had  never  pre-
     viously  gotten this response. (The question, also asked  by
     the INS, is not designed to actually catch Communists,  it's
     supposed  to  provide  a legal basis for  firing  them  when
     they're discovered.)

          "Yes, sir, I'm a Republican."

          In  spite of the fact that he may have wanted to  over-
     throw  FDR or the Governor of Texas, they gave him  the  job
     anyhow, because of Civil Service rules.

          So this diversity oath thing is not Wrong versus Right,
     socialist versus free-market, or ungodly versus godly.  It's
     much simpler than that.

          It's  Democrat versus Republican. And  that's  illegal,
     same as it is in the Fire Department.

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