UN Damage Control?!?

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My brief involvement with the "humanitarian" airlift into Sarajevo in Jan '93  was a real eye opener as to what the UN efforts were about.

People in the besieged Muslim enclaves were being killed by mortars in the market place, artillery shells while sleeping in their homes, and being picked off snipers on the road if they attempted to flee,   and we flew the unfriendly skies of Bosnia to feed them.

The point to feeding people we weren't trying to save?  It was purely a feel good mission.  Our "meals on wheels" mission was 100% successful without accomplishing anything, unless you admit the real mission was for the UN (especially western European members) to placate their conscience while not really doing anything.

Simple fact was UN efforts did worse than nothing.  Just compare the number of Bosnians that died prior to Jan '92(start of the UN's "peace keeping" efforts) to those that died afterward.


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