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What  I want to know is if the two Nickles are reLATED... in some way...? in this story /letter.

Charlie Darling

-- Ray Thomas <raythomas101 at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

Some people (mostly liberals) just don't know. And the worst thing is they
have no idea they don't know, so they combine ignorance with arrogance.

Then they put down those of us who DO know.




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>Subject: Thou Art A Complete And Utter Fool!
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>[The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan used to refer to the
>issue of Social Security as "boob bait for the bubbas." Here's is
>a bubba - or a total boob, take your pick - who scribed infantile
>gibberish in today's local paper. - JAQ]
>Yes, there is a Social Security trust fund
>What we need in this country is civil political discourse, the
>kind I can engage in with Kent V. Hart of McMurray. I am so
>impressed by his citing of sources and his measured tone that I,
>who don't care to waste my breath on intransigence, will beg to
>differ with him on a metaphysical level.
>I believe there is a Social Security trust fund. Of course it
>doesn't exist as a fiduciary account from which we withdraw money
>on demand.
>It exists as a pledge of faith to the past, that we will as a
>society take seriously the commandment to honor our elderly—all
>our elderly. It exists as a pledge of faith to the future in every
>dollar we spend on education. Our society will be secure if we
>honor both those pledges.
>When Julian Bond addressed the subscribers to the Pittsburgh
>Speakers Series last year, he cited the fact that when his father
>retired there were five male workers paying into the system for
>each retiree.
>There will be three when he retires, at least one a woman (who may
>well be paid less than a man in the same job and therefore be
>paying less into the system.) Bond said, and I heartily concur,
>that he hopes to heaven that those three are well educated. Even
>though every dollar I've contributed to the Social Security System
>was earned as a teacher, I had never seen the importance of
>education to our social security quite so clearly.
>Trinity South has gone from one and a half Title One reading
>specialists to one-half, which has further meant an abeyance of
>Morning Stars, a community volunteer tutoring program.
>Even Head Start, with its proven record of success, has been hit
>by budget cuts according to Anne W. Nickles, director of Head
>Start in Shippensburg. At the other end of the spectrum, Medicare
>reimbursements to nursing homes have also been cut to the place
>where self-pay residents are in fact supporting the system.
>I don't see how privatization of Social Security will address
>either of these issues, which lie at the heart of our real Social
>Yes, there is a Social Security trust. This is the time of year to
>believe. Those who find belief difficult can meet me at Southmont
>of Presbyterian Senior Care or at Trinity South, and I will show
>them why I believe.
>Linda W. Nickles

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