Thou Art A Complete And Utter Fool!

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I've been watching.

Things getting better these days. I'll soon be traveling Colorado selling
real estate signs. A good excuse to "wander the mountains" and get paid for
it, too. It's a good thing I can do the "THOMA$ REPORT" from anywhere that
has a phone line.



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>No question, Ray......this woman was rambling on top of her
>cranial malfunction. Good to hear from you, too, BTW. You've been
>too scarce for too long! Merry Christmas!
>John Q.
>On Tue Dec 21 14:39:02 PST 2004, Ray Thomas
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>>Some people (mostly liberals) just don't know. And the worst
>>thing is they
>>have no idea they don't know, so they combine ignorance with
>>Then they put down those of us who DO know.
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>>>Subject: Thou Art A Complete And Utter Fool!
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>>>[The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan used to refer to the
>>>issue of Social Security as "boob bait for the bubbas." Here's is
>>>a bubba - or a total boob, take your pick - who scribed infantile
>>>gibberish in today's local paper. - JAQ]
>>>Yes, there is a Social Security trust fund
>>>What we need in this country is civil political discourse, the
>>>kind I can engage in with Kent V. Hart of McMurray. I am so
>>>impressed by his citing of sources and his measured tone that I,
>>>who don't care to waste my breath on intransigence, will beg to
>>>differ with him on a metaphysical level.
>>>I believe there is a Social Security trust fund. Of course it
>>>doesn't exist as a fiduciary account from which we withdraw money
>>>on demand.
>>>It exists as a pledge of faith to the past, that we will as a
>>>society take seriously the commandment to honor our elderly—all
>>>our elderly. It exists as a pledge of faith to the future in
>>>dollar we spend on education. Our society will be secure if we
>>>honor both those pledges.
>>>When Julian Bond addressed the subscribers to the Pittsburgh
>>>Speakers Series last year, he cited the fact that when his father
>>>retired there were five male workers paying into the system for
>>>each retiree.
>>>There will be three when he retires, at least one a woman (who
>>>well be paid less than a man in the same job and therefore be
>>>paying less into the system.) Bond said, and I heartily concur,
>>>that he hopes to heaven that those three are well educated. Even
>>>though every dollar I've contributed to the Social Security
>>>was earned as a teacher, I had never seen the importance of
>>>education to our social security quite so clearly.
>>>Trinity South has gone from one and a half Title One reading
>>>specialists to one-half, which has further meant an abeyance of
>>>Morning Stars, a community volunteer tutoring program.
>>>Even Head Start, with its proven record of success, has been hit
>>>by budget cuts according to Anne W. Nickles, director of Head
>>>Start in Shippensburg. At the other end of the spectrum, Medicare
>>>reimbursements to nursing homes have also been cut to the place
>>>where self-pay residents are in fact supporting the system.
>>>I don't see how privatization of Social Security will address
>>>either of these issues, which lie at the heart of our real Social
>>>Yes, there is a Social Security trust. This is the time of year
>>>believe. Those who find belief difficult can meet me at Southmont
>>>of Presbyterian Senior Care or at Trinity South, and I will show
>>>them why I believe.
>>>Linda W. Nickles

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