[Fwd: Breaking News - Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in Mosul, Iraq, for surprise visit with U.S. troops]

MCSpearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 25 22:19:58 MST 2004

I am curious just how MY INITIALS got in this post, Mr. Szul.  Perhaps you have me confused with someone else ... either that or you've taken too many hydrocones again.  In as much as I've not commented at all  respecting this subject, I'd appreciate a retraction, sir.  You are all confused about me.

Second point -- If you are trying to piss me off, you will succeed simply by continuing to include me and the List Troll Rosenstretch in the same sentence. What I do to deserve THAT insult?  Huh?

MCS By G-d!

a c szul <aszul at COMCAST.NET> wrote:
One big whooah for Jim.

Screw ya'll scrooges who find NO benefit in Rummy's visit. It's a
holiday and if a VIP visit, esp the fella who makes decisions that
impact their (troops) lives, then so be it.

Rosen, mcs, and all you other naysayers... screw what the press spins,
screw what the libs rant about... they all will anyway. Don't you get
that? So what's the harm in moving forward and doing what YOU think is
right. In this case, Rummy, Bush and others decide to go. Good for them.

Go Rumsefeld!

Jim wrote:

>No need to hold your breath any longer. I'll play devil's advocate.
>What's wrong with Rumsfeld's visit is the amount of money wasted on it.
>The trip used the money that could have gone to supply a year's worth of
>welfare checks for hundreds maybe thousands of drug addicts and illegal
>aliens. Something else wrong with his visit - He didn't notify the
>terrorists in advance by giving them a list of where he would be and when.
>In 08 vote for a crook you can trust.
>Del Boy for President.
>On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, MCSpearing wrote:
>>Oh yes, good, very good. Now, hold your breath until the first press/liberal caterwaul about what's wrong with his visit. Don't worry, you'll breathe easy. I will bet real money it's already happening. Bastards are dependably bastards.
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