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Mon Dec 27 10:55:53 MST 2004


      I spent about five months as a "temp" in the USAir
purchasing department in 1999. I can say that I've never run
across a bigger collection of idiots in all my life - speaking, of
course, about the union guys who work in the hangar.

Now, the baggage handlers are also union peeps. The luggage was
lost because of a "wildcat" sick-out. I can empathize (somewhat)
with their situation. They negotiated their contract in good
faith. One would expect that the provisions of same would be
binding for the life of the pact. USAir's management is trying to
welch out of the deal any way they can. If two parties bargain in
good faith, the resulting agreement should be *BINDING* and
enforceable - no questions asked.

John Q.

On Sun Dec 26 16:35:47 PST 2004, Jim
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> After seeing the news about US Airways and the piles of luggage
> at various
> airports, I have to wonder if they'll go out of business.
> Between the airlines loosing luggage and people being groped by
> drones at
> airport security, it's a wonder any airlines are still flying.
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