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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
December 21, 2004

It's been said that only a handful of people own all the money in
the world. Many refuse to believe this, but in reality, there are
only about six people/corporations that own the ten big media.

If given much consideration, one can discern that the power of the
news rests with these head-haunchos who determine what we should
be told, how, by whom, and when, and certainly what slant or
outright untruths and disinformation should be passed on to us. I
find it amazing that educated people today still trust in the
media for the truth, and even worse, have no concept of the
media's hidden agenda for a one-world government, and how they
have made us fodder for it all, and how fallow we are about what
really is happening.

The Columbia Journalism Review does a commendable of job of trying
to keep up with all the media ownership and merger changes. The
lists of monopolies and cross-owernships run seemingly endlessly
like the roll call of immigrants on Ellis Islands' walls. Therein
lie two key problems: 1). domination, and 2). pre-determined
information. The global media giants kick us in our pants every
time we turn on a radio or TV channel, surf the Net, read a
newspaper, magazine, or book by feeding us only what they want us
to know, and not what is authentic. Thus, our opinions are built
solely on their propaganda.

They're no dummies. They've set themselves up so that they could
never collide into a financial collapse, as their holdings aren't
limited to just sole print or non-print conduit; instead, they own
in whole or in part such other entities as sports teams, amusement
parks, movie screens, music groups, satellite and cable networks,
cable wires, toy companies, Blockbuster and other video and music
stores, shopping networks, retail stores, beverage firms,
communications companies, computer services, appliances and
weapons, websites, water industries, cartoons, mobile phones,
resort areas, video games, and on an on.

Who Owns What

Here is a small smattering of who owns what; only half are
American properties. The big six consist of:

AOL TIME WARNER (world's largest media company) -
Time Magazine, HBO, History Book Club, publishing companies;
Hanna-Barbera Cartoons; Warner Bros. Studio in 30+ countries,
amusement parks, numerous magazines (120 million readers); Turner
Entertainments internationally, such TBS station, Cartoon Network,
Turner Classic Movies, TNT, and others. Sports, such Metro Sports,
the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, and Turner Thrashers. Also
operating under this media mogul are high speed cable, online
services in addition to AOL, i.e. CompuServe, Interactive
Services, and Netscape, etc.. Too, ownership exists in CNN
Newsroom; all of Warner Music Group as Warner Bros. Records,
Reprise, Atlantic Jazz, Elektra, and 47 other labels. They also
possess stores in over 30 countries, as well as theme parks, and
various consumer products. The company partners with other media
ownerships, such as Sony.

Chairman: Steve Case; CEO: Gerald Levin; 79,000 employees; ~$32
billion revenues[1] AOL division: Chairman & CEO: Jon Miller, J.
Michael Kelly; about 18,000 employees;

As the second largest media dynasty, Disney has percentages of
other various corporations and media holdings. Its biggest
acquisition is Capital Cities/all of ABC TV, radio networks, and
publishing groups (magazines, books, daily newspapers). TiVo
(partial investment), Disney productions, and much of the ESPN
networks (especially sports), belong primarily to Disney but they
also share the History Channel (with Hearst and GE). More Disney
properties, some co-held, include Disney Channel UK, France,
Italy, and Spain; Eurosport England, Tele-Munchen Germany,
Scandinavian Broadcast System; sports franchises and Sports
Network of Canada, and the broadcasting of sports around the
world, such as soccer in Latin America, table tennis in Asia,
cricket in India, Anaheim Ducks (national hockey league), a
world's sports complex, and other major league teams.
Additionally, they hold Hollywood pictures, Miramax Films,
Pictures, Buena Vista Television, Touchstone Television, WD
Television, Disney Animation, with production facilities in
Australia, Canada, and Japan. Online shopping, 15 amusement parks,
hotels, cruise lines, stores, their own merchandise, and
communications tools belong to this titanic company.

Chairman & CEO: Michael D. Eisner; nearly $24 billion in revenues

Labeled as the third largest media firm, this corporation has
ownership in other companies, and is the world's largest publisher
as seen in this sampling: Random House (in Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, and UK as well), with Ballantine, Bantam, Crown,
Doubleday, Knopf, Fodor's, audio components, and business,
science, trade and professional, and medical books. Additionally,
Modern Library, Book-of-the-Month Club, and Doubleday Book Club
are also their properties, as are 50% ownership of Bookspan,
European book clubs, online bookstores, and 40% ownership of
Barnes & Noble. They also hold international TV and radio
stations, various newspapers, magazines such as PARENTS, NATIONAL
along with music groups (Arista, RCA, BMG, EMI), and videos, DVDs,
and Lycos Fireball. This gigantic company owns companies that are
in the paper business as well, such as offset paperback
manufacturing, a maul-belser industry, graphic design entities,
along with locking in computer/database businesses, e-commerce,
financial services, and call centers.

CEO: Dr. Thomas Middlehof; 64,000 employees; $16-billion in

This is the Australian-born but naturalized U.S. citizen Rupert
Murdoch's holding which encompasses, New York Post, and,
internationally, books-owned in whole or in part with other media
magnates-published from top-notch houses like Harper Collins,
Hearst Book Group, William Morrow, Avon, Zondervan, and others.
Fox broadcasting, BskyB, sport networks, Madison Square Garden
network, Fox News, and many other cable/TV stations, and film
companies belong to him, not counting cross-ownership with
Cablevision, Speedvision, the Health Network, and Liberty Media -
a bagful of more goodies. News Corporation owns magazines,
studios, and partially the L.A. Staples Center, the NY Knicks, NY
Rangers, the L.A. Dodgers, L.A. Kings, L.A. Lakers, an Australian
rugby league, U.K. football clubs, as well as sports and

Chair and CEO: Rupert Murdoch; 50,000 employees; revenues of

This company, as is true with other media tycoons, owns some
properties outright, while many are held in a percentage
ownership. Simon & Schuster imprints, MTV books, Scribner, the
Free Press, and other publishing houses; numerous nationwide T.V.
film, and radio networks, such as Infinity Radio (184 stations)
belong to this company. Others consist of Nicolodeon, CBS and all
its affiliates, VH1, Spelling Television, King World Productions,
UPN T.V. stations, cable networks, United Paramount Films,
consumer products, MTV, videos, DVDs, cinemas, United Cinemas
International (with Vivendi Universal) media merchandise, online
music,, sports online, as well as 7,300 American
Blockbuster stores with additional stores in nearly 30 other
countries. Under their deeds fall five Paramount Parks.

Chair & CEO: Sumner M. Redstone; 127,000 employees; appx.
revenues: $13-billion

Operating in over 60 countries, this media cartel owns
telecommunications operations, T.V. and film via Canal+ Group,
Comcast, AT&T (pending), USA Networks, EchoStar, alcohol
(Seagrams), privatized water; MP3, 60 publishing houses, Universal
and other studios as well as about 24,000 TV episodes, the SciFi
channel and more. Universal Music Group, Decca, MCA, Motown,
Polygram are part of their portfolio, as are utilities, Connex UK
train services), mobile phones, Havas press, imprints, and
multimedia. Add VivendiNet, Vizzavi, Viventures, Cineplex, United
Cinemas International 49% ownership), video distributions, and
theme parks, as well as environmental services.

Chairman & CEO: Jean-Marie Messier; revenues of no less than

GENERAL ELECTRIC can arguably be considered one of the biggest, or
on the second tier of media omnipotence, with its 11 divisions and
15% revenue growth in the last quarter. The Olympics, along with
an international folder, fueled GE's holding of Universal, NBC
stations, studios, and distribution. They also own Universal
Pictures, parks, sports, health care technology, and

Playing right behind the big guys are more media tiers that
consist of Sony, Gannett, Hearst Corporation, Tribune, Community
Newspaper Holdings, McClatchy, Advance publications, Pearson, Lee,
Copley, Cox, Belo, Cumulus, Clear Channel Communications, and
several others.

A Nasty Purpose

The bigwig owners' intent is to converge with every medium and
other diversities they can in order to be globally supreme and
information-dictatorial. Although the FCC has eased up on its
multiple ownership rules (".the 1995 act removed the national cap
on radio station ownership and dramatically loosened it in
individual markets"[2]), it is again considering loosening them
even though only a few big media firms dominate the world.
Consider that AOL Time Warner, Disney, Hearst, and Viacom alone
control the top 20 cable channels.[3]

It's easy to see just how much over-lapping of ownership and power
there is. Media owners not only manipulate the content of the
news, but they also control their distribution, circulation,
products and merchandise. These handful of omnipotent producers,
through their books, TV and radio stations, have propagated
murder, sadism, sex, witchcraft, greed, Satanism, deceit, and a
multitude of other immoral commodities and show-n-tells. This
worldwide cartel that pedals what we hear, read, think, touch,
desire, does so not to help civilization become better citizens -
more courteous, considerate, helpful, protective of one another -
but rather to rot our minds, destroy our principles and ethics,
and line their pockets. On this note, author Ben Bagdikian states,
"What is at stake is democracy itself. "[4] A media-consolidated
country and world ".without all the .points of view, and
[non-biased] information . . . has produced something alarming"
[5] which is pretty near an oligopoly.

World-famous author Noam Chomsky tells us,

[NOTE: Chomsky is a virulent, unrepentent Communist. Take the oaf
with a grain of salt. - John Q.]

in his article, "What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream,)[6] how
the media controls our lives, giving us whatever misinformation or
disinformation they deem appropriate. Normon Solomon's article,[7]
"Journalists Doing Somersaults," informs us that only a handful of
people own the world's media and that they dictate what they want
us to know or not know in their preferred versions.

Overall, in the big picture, we need to keep awake us to how the
world really fits together as determined by the media moguls and
the Elite, many of whom own much of that very same media. To them,
our importance is marginal at best and only if we are compliant,
and work for their betterment. We are mere peons, laborers, slaves
to their global government, the New World Order, not for our
benefit, but rather for the almighty, dictatorial wealthy.

By believing the media, and behaving accordingly to their
directives, we are consenting to the shredding of our
Constitution; the clobbering of our rights; the subjugation of our
American sovereignty; the corruption of our government; and the
loss of our privacy while allowing ourselves to be tracked and
traced. In our minds that they have tainted, we are agreeing to
surrender our children to the village to raise them since we are
lousy parents, horrible disciplinarians, religiously-oriented, and
morally conservative. The media tell us that we must be
politically correct, accept diversity, and tolerance of even those
dogma we don't believe in, or those people we normally would not
chose to befriend. Most notably is that the media has us
disbanding Christianity while forcing us to accept soaring of
paganism and Satanism; and partake in malevolence, sin and

Countless members of the media (some respected and others
ridiculed) belong to secret societies that convene purposefully
for initiating an agenda that will work for the Elite and for
their strides for global governance, and use their possessions as
a fulcrum in advancing the New World Order. It is not just an
American media coercion but rather a transcontinental collusion
for this one-world society, and how we are being duped on just
about everything we believe and think.

Chomsky, for example, says,[8] "...the elite media, sometimes
called the agenda-setting media...set the frameworks in which
everyone else operates....[and] if you get out of line and produce
stories that the elite press doesn't like, you' will hear about
it." He also claims that universities are non-independent thinkers
ruled by the media and the elite:

"Those of you who have been through college know that the
educational system is highly geared to rewarding conformity and
obedience; if you don't do that, you're a troublemaker. So it
[media/education] is a kind of filtering device ...for people who
are really trying to internalize the framework..." That might
explain the lack of creativity in our students. Adds Chomsky, "The
media believes that the general population are ignorant and
meddlesome outsiders."

Normon Solomon offers correlative views: "Freedom of the press is
guaranteed only to those who own one.... In 2000, half-a-dozen
corporations owned the media outlets that control most of the news
and information flow in the United States."[9] Imagine: Only six
big corporations internationally own all the media. This is the
push for globalization, a one-world federation. The Elite should
not dominate media in our republic form of government.

But if Chomsky and Solomon criticize the media, more writers have
attacked other underhanded American activities, such as seen in
Earl Lee's "School Textbooks" where we're told that what our
children are taught is either altered history or cherished
mythology, and that the course of religion is seldom treated in
textbooks (especially the creation vs. evolution controversy), and
many of which textbooks are erroneous.

Is it no wonder, then, that the truth can't emerge in this
colossus, international media ownership arena. The selected few
determine for us what we should know. It is only through a handful
of online radio stations such as The American Voice, online
newspapers, and newly positioned TV and print
venues, that we can hope to get the facts, realism, and accuracy.
Be wary of what you read, what you watch, what you see, and what
you hear. You can't believe everything.


1; "Restriding the World" by Granville William.
2 The Center for Public Integrity, "Captive Audience" by John
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4 Bagdikian, Ben. The New Media Monopoly; 2004
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© 2004 Gianni DeVincent Hayes - All Rights Reserved. Do not
reproduce any part of this without the permission of the author.

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