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I met Dmitri a few times when he was running a morning show (maybe still is) at WWVA-AM  in Wheeling.  The news director there, Marjie Difiti, was in the process of converting me from print media to radio with a news anchor job.  Then she got fired and set up shop in a Steubenville, Ohio station, and her replacement brought in a homeboy for the position.  My big chance to become the world's next Ted Knight was dashed.  Meantime Mr. D had the chutzpah to arch an eyebrow at my wife .... The cad!  (actually, he complimented me on my fine tatse, but chided her on hers).  Go figure.


John <blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET> wrote:
Actually, Dmitri is *GREEK* and his main job is a writer for the
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. I've enjoyed many of his columns (at
), but his on-air repartee is irritating, at
best. I can't really tell if he's joking about Kwanzaa or is
serious. In either case, Dmitri and Q & R certainly don't see
eye-to-eye on many issues. Jim & Rose will return from vacation
next week.

John Q.

On Mon Dec 27 21:13:27 PST 2004, Jim

> I just now started listening to what I thought was Quinn's Monday
> show.
> Instead there's some Russian guy going on about Quinn and Rose
> taking the
> week off to celebrate Kwanzaa.
> John what's going on?
> Jim
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