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    Right on Dennis.   Gay marriage and so-called civil unions ripen the
potential for massive rip-offs of entitlements.    Redistributing income
(legalized robbery) and burgeoning entitlements have been the downfall of
many a complex society.  The law of diminishing returns takes its toll, and
the society implodes,  like the Soviet Union, unless other complex societies
prop it up, out of self interest.

    I don't think this controversy over who can be legitimately married is a
distraction, Ray.  In terms of immediacy, it may pale alongside, say,  the
terrorism of the Islamists,  but the way we deal with this issue now has long
term cultural consequences.


Dennis Putnam wrote:

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> >Carl:
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> >I don't think it's important enough for a constitutional amendment.
> When they start coming after your tax dollars for various spousal benefits
> (Medicare, SS, various other entitlements effected by marital status) to
> say nothing of the special rights they expect (forced employer health care
> coverage, leave, ad nauseam), you might think otherwise.
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