The car chase in Mel's movie ! ? !

Charlie Darling csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Fri Mar 5 04:15:37 MST 2004

  I had sent this to Ann Coulter -in her "Passion of the Liberals" yesterday (available through )she accused the NYT of suggesting Mel should have put in more car chash scenes.  Having not only already said something along those lines but seeing a paper - well, come close, I had to send this:

If you know much of Connecticut, perhaps you have heard of the city of New Britain...

        "...When I said I expected Andy Rooney to criticize the car chase scenes in Mel's movie, I did not realize New Britain CT was already working on it.
This was the headline:
"NEW BRITAIN -- A local woman with psychological problems purposely drove her car into the water at A.W. Stanley Quarter Park in an attempt to re-enact a scene from the blockbuster film, "The Passion of the
Christ," police said...."
More at:

Charlie Darling <mailto:csd_1212 at>..."

Imagine - police not only 'bought'her story but she basically dictated the next day's headline!  Isn't journalism sumthin' !

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