WS>>The Wal-Mart You Don't Know

MC Spearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Mon Mar 8 13:08:15 MST 2004


I think it's Gray-out Davis, the former Governator of
Cahli-fornia.  I am not, however, in complete
apprehension of how not buying COSCO at Wal-Mart or
looking for made in USA labels had an affect one way
or another on the spendthrift former Gov.  Probably
some kind of conspiracy involving Martha.


--- Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET> wrote:
> At 10:13 PM 3/7/2004, you wrote:
> >Skrew those democrats.  Ill look for the made in
> America if it exists.
> >Thats why I shopped at the stores during the
> democrat troubles to vote
> >with dollars against Davis.
> >
> Who is this Davis person you're talking about?

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