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Wed Mar 10 13:30:04 MST 2004

Speeches are for audiences, in that they are HEARD.
Writing, on the other hand, is for READERS, in that
writing is read.  I thought we went over this once
before.  Anyway, I'm duly grateful for permission to,
ah, speechify.

It won't be long. I promise.

In fact, to prolong an exchange of ideas with an
individual so enamored of his positions that he
personalizes divergences of opinion and unhinges
himself over them to the point of invective is
pointless.  To go on could set him off even more, and
drive him deeper into darkness.  Indeed, as a result
of what I've read over the past few days, my mind
conjures up a vision of the computer that spurts these
brickbats our way. I see it ensconced low in a very
dark and dank cobweb-filled corner of a leaky basement
somewhere – or perhaps high in a desiccated and dusty
attic, where leather-winged demons lurk.

I’m sorry for Thomas that we disagree and that my
non-concurrance depresses him. But I’m sorry only for
the celebrated, and frankly self-inflicted
discomfiture, not for a single thing that I’ve
written.  I hope that scalded emotions are brought
under control soon.

Additionally, I encourage the understanding that even
if everyone everywhere agreed with everyone else all
of the time, it still would not be a perfect world.
It probably would be much worse. Truly, I bear
personal malice toward no one in this august list. Let
that be my last word on the matter.  I leave the
ultimate response to … whomever.



--- "Thomas J. Benthall" <tbenthal at EARTHLINK.NET>
> It was just another speech, Spearing.  In summation,
> there was very little truth in it, but the humor
> more than made
> up for that.  But, in reality, it was meaningless.
> In entertainment it was spectacular.  However, this
> most recent
> speech was only different in that it was
> significantly long winded.
> Other than the humor, I fail to see the point in
> anything you said.  So, congratulations, you are
> without doubt a very
> articulate person who has the ability to express
> himself in a outstandlingly humourous way.  Which I
> feel was your
> sole purpose  during the entire discourse.  But that
> is OK with me.
> Nothing has changed though.   MS is still  guilty of
> the horrible crime of lying to an organization  of
> pathological liars,
> and the class enviars are still celebrating.   And
> conspiracies still exist.  It is amusing that you
> continue to deny this
> by defending an organization , the Federal Reserve,
> that was conceived in conspiracy.  Here is what one
> of the
> designers of the Federal Reserve had to say about
> conspiracies:
> "Despite my views about the value to society of
> greater publicity for the affairs of corporations,
> there was an
> occasion, near the close of 1910, when I was as
> secretive--indeed as furitive--as any
> conspirator.......I do not feel it is
> any exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition
> to Jekyl Island as the occasion of the actual
> conception of what
> eventually became the Federal Reserve
> System."--------Frank Vanderlip
> And the US Federal Reserve System hasn't changed
> either.  Have you ever thought about incorporating
> some fact in
> your speeches?  Sometimes too much humor can be
> boring.
> I admit that I can't prove that the trial of MS was
> a conspiracy, it most likely wasn't.  I only
> inferred that I believed it
> was USED  to divert attention from other parties.
> So, please feel free to continue with your speeches
> if you so desire.

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