John Kerry Continues to Self Destruct

MC Spearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 11 10:34:49 MST 2004

There actually may be something to this.  I can't put
my finger on it, yet, but I swear I get an impression
of increasing intensity that Kerry actually MAY be
starting to droop around the edges. I certainly hope
he continues with the crap he's been doing for the
last month.

Speaking of Kerry, this morning at the local
Starbucks/Barnes and Noble outlet, a blue-jeaned
liberal mope in a natty-looking overcoat that sported
no less than FOUR Kerry for Pres buttons walked toward
my table as though he was going to speak to me.  With
a big, inviting smile, I raised a little higher the
book that I was reading: DELIVER US FROM EVIL, by Sean

He nervously turned and walked away.  I only wish he'd
asked me my thoughts about his traitorous SOB
candidate.  I am neither PC nor bashful, even in
public.  Maybe some of you have noticed.


--- rum.runner at JUNO.COM wrote:
> I love it everytime John Kerry opens his mouth.  He
> continues to implode
> and self destruct.  He claims that the Republicans
> are going to get
> nasty, but he seems to forget that his own party has
> been opening their
> mouth and inserting their foot ever since the 9
> dwarfs started their "Get
> Bush" campaign.  They have Democrat sheeple who
> listen to the Communist
> Party line being put out by Jabba The Hut (Senator
> Kennedy) and Vice Grip
> Face (Senator Kerry).  These sheeple are so
> ignorant, they will believe
> whatever they hear; they are more dangerous than the
> terrorists that flew
> the airplanes into the World Trade Centers and the
> Pentagon on 9/11.
> When they lose again this fall, they will continue
> to whine about how the
> election was stolen, how blacks and minorities were
> not allowed to vote,
> without realizing it was their own failed plan that
> lost them the
> election.  I suspect about right now, Senator
> Hillary Clinton (aka The
> Bitch), is having non-stop orgasms.  She wants the
> Democratic party to
> lose the 2004 election, so that she can start her
> drive for 2008 and her
> obsession for power and the thrown of the President
> of the United States.
> What the Democrats don't seem to want to realize, is
> that those who make
> over $200,000 a year, also vote.  John Kerry feels
> he can disrespect the
> rich, so the sheeple will follow him with the
> promise of a tax break.
> Keep it up John.  You're making it that much easier
> for the Republicans
> to whip you in November.  Democrats are out of touch
> with reality, and
> it's going to bite them in the a$$ in November.
> Regards,
> Richard

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