Here kitty kitty

Charlie Darling csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Fri Mar 12 08:37:37 MST 2004

Small Squeaky Voices?  Sure you're not thinking of MICHAEL Jackson? Oh what the hell - let the Whole Family go ! <Heck - invite Uncle Jesse! >

Charlie-  in a generous mood!  :-)

-- Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET> wrote:

Subject:      Here kitty kitty
Tom Whetten from Arizona Game and Fish had the following to say about it:
"It's an emotional issue but these people are not thinking rationally.
Children running up and down that canyon look like, sound like prey
animals, they have short jerky movements, small squeaky voices and for a
mountain lion that's a prey animal."

I say let Janet Napolitano, Jana Jackson and the rest of the protestors
have their way.  Let them be the first hikers allowed back in the canyon.

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