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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Fri Mar 12 16:29:39 MST 2004

I oppose the senseless killing of these animals, but this is not
senseless.  This is compulsory.

A month or so ago we had a bicyclist killed and one subsequently attacked
by a mountain lion.  DNA tests on stomach content and residue around its
mouth proved it was the one that had attacked both.  This can never be
tolerated, and the animals must be destroyed.  To my knowledge, there was
no negative outcry when this cat was hunted and killed.

At 09:42 PM 3/11/2004, you wrote:
>Open the links above and you will find stories about the problem with
>mountain lions in Sabino Canyon near Tucson.  The problem is that mountain
>lions in the canyon have lost their fear of humans and have stalked humans
>on numerous occasions.  The state game and fish department is going to send
>in hunters and trackers to kill the mountain lions.  The environmental
>wackos in Tucson are protesting this.  Jana Jackson of Tucson said:
>"Educate don't exterminate."  DemocRATic governor Janet Napolitano opposes
>the killing of the mountain lions.
>Tom Whetten from Arizona Game and Fish had the following to say about it:
>"It's an emotional issue but these people are not thinking rationally.
>Children running up and down that canyon look like, sound like prey
>animals, they have short jerky movements, small squeaky voices and for a
>mountain lion that's a prey animal."
>I say let Janet Napolitano, Jana Jackson and the rest of the protestors
>have their way.  Let them be the first hikers allowed back in the canyon.

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