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Reposted from the blog, the Volokh Conspiracy:
[Eugene Volokh, 3/14/2004 11:29:24 AM] (See posts that link to this one)

MONOXIDE: This AP story

                              [Aliso Viejo c]ity officials were so
concerned about the potentially
                              dangerous properties of dihydrogen
monoxide that they considered
                              banning foam cups after they learned the
chemical was used in their
                              production. . . .

                              "It's embarrassing," said City Manager
David J. Norman. "We had a
                              paralegal who did bad research."

                              The paralegal apparently fell victim to
one of the many official looking
                              Web sites that have been put up by
pranksters to describe dihydrogen
                              monoxide as "an odorless, tasteless
chemical" that can be deadly if
                              accidentally inhaled.

                              As a result, the City Council of this
Orange County suburb had been
                              scheduled to vote next week on a proposed
law that would have banned
                              the use of foam containers at
city-sponsored events. Among the
                              reasons given for the ban were that they
were made with a substance
                              that could "threaten human health and
safety." . . .

                       Wonderful! The L.A. Times reports the same, so I
think the I risk that the story is
                       itself a hoax that duped the journalists is low
-- but even if that did happen, that
                       just makes it wonderful in a different way; the
Times also reports that "Seven
                       years ago, four teenagers in Pittsburgh were
reprimanded by police for passing out
                       fliers that caused a neighborhood-wide panic
about dihydrogen monoxide." Thanks
                       to InstaPundit for the pointer.

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