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carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Sat Mar 13 09:44:09 MST 2004

Thomas runs a humor list post only not discussion.
At the bottom of the message previous is his site.
If you lost it Ill get the info.


On Fri, 12 Mar 2004 18:50:11 -0800 MCSpearing <yuramac at YAHOO.COM> writes:
>Having escaped the leftwardly lopsided world of print journalism
>(Kinght-Ridder, among the worst of the worst), this is especially
>tempting ... alas, though, I wish to remove all doubt about my mental
>deficiancies (Sit, Thomas!  Not now!), I will ask some dumbish
>List?  What list?  Where is it?  Are curmudgeonly types like me
>allowed to play there?
>Tango hotel alpha November kilo Yankee Oscar uniform.
>carl william spitzer iv <cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM> wrote:
>Thank thomas and subscribe to his list.
>Besides you didnt really beleive all democrats aka journalists were
>totally stupid.
>On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 09:26:24 -0800 MC Spearing
>>He he he! Just when I'm ready to give up on ya, you
>>check in with a jewel. A veritible GEM!
>>--- carl william spitzer iv
>>> While working as a television news cameraman, I
>>> arrived at an accident
>>> scene, and a cameraman from another station pulled
>>> up behind me. As I
>>> parked the news cruiser, I heard a policeman on the

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