Boy, This Is *GOOD*!

John Quayle blueoval at MAIL.1SMARTISP.NET
Mon Mar 15 19:01:31 MST 2004

"If you tell me you do not believe in God and then say to me I should brake for animals, or pay women equally, or help the poor, on what basis are you making such an appeal? If no standard for objective truth, law, wisdom, justice, charity, kindness, compassion and fidelity exists in the universe, then what you are asking me to accept is an idea that has taken hold in your head but that has all of the moral compulsion of a bowl of cereal. You are a sentimentalist, trying to persuade me to a point of view based on your feelings about the subject and not rooted in the fear of God or some other unchanging earthly standard. The mayor of New Paltz, NY, Jason West, recently performed same-sex 'marriages,' saying it is the 'moral' thing to do. Moral? According to whom? If only according to Mr. West, he is practicing moral relativism, not objective morality."
--Cal Thomas

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