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Interesting Items 3/15 -

Howdy all, a few Interesting Items for your information. Enjoy -

1.  Spain

2.  Reward

3.  Kerry on Space

4.  Catholics

5.  Gay Marriage

6.  Arnold

7.  Negative

1.  Spain .  Terrorists struck our ally, Spain last Thursday.  Investigators have not yet determined whether it was a purely Al Qaida operation, an ETA Basque Separatist operation, or a combined operation.  Over 200 were killed.  The 10 bombs went off simultaneously just two days before a national election, and unfortunately, the Spanish electorate blinked.  The party in power, which had been supporting the US in WWIII, lead by 5% at the time of the blasts, lost the election by 6%.  In short, the terrorists, whoever they might be, managed to turn out a government, for their first major victory in the war.  And the new guys immediately started talking about pulling Spanish troops out of Iraq if the UN wasn’t in charge there by June.  The winning socialists managed, with the aid and assistance of the national media in Spain , to turn the murderous blasts into a gigantic conspiracy led by the government.  This marks the first government turned over by Al Qaida, and may signal a nasty turn in the festivities.  Over the weekend, observers started worrying that Al Qaida would start targeting other governments, just before national elections, in an effort to isolate the US in the prosecution of the war.  Conspiracy theorists started speculating Monday night that socialist sympathizers in Spain may have looked the other way, and allowed the attacks to proceed, making parallels to the Reichstag fire so skillfully used by the National Socialists to gain power in 1933.  Either way, the Spanish people just sent the very worst message to the enemies of civilization.

2.  Rewards.  Given the murderous attack in Spain and expected attacks elsewhere, perhaps it is time to crank up our response to these people a notch.  I believe it is time to apply the same fabled solution to our Islamist problem that “Black” Jack Pershing applied to his Islamist problem while in the Philippines .  While this technique is hotly argued as urban legend, its impact on our enemies should not be lightly dismissed.  Our enemies believe if they murder the Infidel, by whatever means possible, they will then go to Heaven and be rewarded with women and feasts forever.  They have convinced themselves that they will be greatly rewarded in the afterlife for committing all sorts of atrocities against their fellow mans.  It is time to make sure they don’t get that reward, to make sure they don’t go to Heaven.  Maybe it is time to start collecting the body parts of the attackers and carefully and very publicly burying them with pig waste, ensuring they never get to the 72 virgins in the sky.  We won’t have to do a lot of these before the recruiting at the suicide bomber recruitment center falls off significantly.  Why should we stand by and allow them to mess with our minds?  Time to return the favor and start messing with their minds.

3.  Kerry on Space.  John Kerry (D, MA) spoke out against President Bush’s space initiative a few weeks ago.  He adopted the basic message of his mentor, Teddy Kennedy (D, MA), saying that we needed real live jobs here on earth, and that the Senate had more important things to do like pass universal health care, create jobs, and save education from the Republicans.  Basically, Kerry wants the space initiative to be obstructed simply because the president wants to change our direction and focus.  Kerry’s call was echoed by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D, MD) a couple weeks later.  Particularly galling was Hoyer’s claim that Bush’s space effort would not create any jobs – a blatant lie.  There is a vigorous, growing move by entrepreneurs to build a variety of vehicles capable of 15 minute, suborbital flights.  There are paying customers waiting in line for these rides.  There are businesses, which pay taxes, trying to provide for these customers.  Hoyer, who represents a state with a major NASA Center – Goddard Space Flight Center - apparently believes that only union or government jobs are worthwhile.  Either that or he is simply parroting the current party line on space.  All the entrepreneurs need is for the government to simply get out of the way.  Sadly, John Kerry and his democrat cronies are not even willing to do that.  We must defeat them in November and utterly destroy their political power.

4.  Catholics.  The CA Supreme Court in a 6-1 decision decided that the Catholic Charities must offer contraception as part of their medical coverage to employees.  This ruling is yet another assault on religious expression in the state of CA.  Catholic Charities opposes contraception as part of its religious foundation.  The ruling may drive the organization out of the state, or at the very least force the Charities to spend money that could have been spent ministering to the poor and invalid on lawyers defending its religious viewpoints.  This ruling is yet another victory for the religious left.

5.  Gay Marriage.  The Love Boat hit some rough seas over the course of this last week.  The CA Supreme Court, an elected body that (hopefully) has not forgotten the real nasty recall of Chief Justice Rose Bird in the 1970s, by a 7-0 vote issued a stay on San Francisco ’s serial gay marriage mill.  They hearing and final ruling on the subject will take place this summer.  In MA, the expected influx of out of state homosexuals for legal marriages expected in May was stopped by an obscure 1913 law that bans the State of MA from issuing marriage licenses to out of state residents who cannot legally wed in their home states.  Homosexual and liberal activists are busily working on ways to throw this law out so the festivities can begin in May.  In NY, Atty. General Elliot Spitzer charged the mayor of a small college town with multiple misdemeanors for performing illegal gay marriages.  Nothing like future political aspirations to encourage this officer of the Court to actually follow the law as written.  Finally in Portland , there is a growing backlash by conservatives and liberals alike to a Board of Supervisors decision that prohibitions against homosexual marriages were unconstitutional.  The majority of the Board met secretly, in violation of their open meetings ordinance.  They did not invite Board members who they thought would disagree.  No public testimony was taken.  Even the local liberals are outraged at the high-handed action.  Lars Larson, Mon.

6.  Arnold .  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger won two victories in the election held nearly two weeks ago.  The first was to pass a revenue bond intended to bridge the gap between what California currently spends and currently brings in until he can encourage businesses to return to the state and start producing jobs and pay taxes.  When initially proposed, the bond polled slightly over 40%.  It passed by better than 60%.  The second victory was even larger.  Democrats and the state NEA affiliate tried to revise the supermajority necessary to pass new taxes, for The Children.  CA requires a supermajority of over 60% of the voters to pass a new tax.  The democrats and NEA wanted to ratchet that number o down to 55%.  The proposal was defeated by a 62% majority in a state where Republican registration still runs only 38% of the population.  I would say that things are changing in CA, the breadth and scope of that change remains to be seen.

7.  Negative.  The probable democrat candidate for president, John F(’ing) Kerry has apparently decided that going and staying negative for the next 8 months is his ticket to the White House.  He spent most of the last week blasting away at everything the Bush administration said and did, offering little as an alternative.  I am impressed at his nastiness, for it is what I expected out of Bob Dole in 1996.  Kerry’s relentless negativism is not even turning out democrat voters to vote for him.  His voter turnout on Super Tuesday was even lower than algore’s turnout in 2000.  I look at the fact tht he has gone nuclear this early in the campaign as a sign of incredible weakness.  A Newsmax story over the weekend reported that Hillary Clinton was egging him on, to go after Bush at every turn.

More later –

- AG

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

- Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia

  State House, August 1, 1776 .

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