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Fri Mar 19 07:36:40 MST 2004

[another denizen of Penn's Woods, opinion culled from the local rag <http://www.observer-reporter.com>:]

Gibson and Bush fulfilled missions

God bless Mel Gibson! He has been blessed with fame and fortune. He saw that the world was headed in the wrong direction and he decided to make a statement. He was unable to get backing from any major film maker. He has been persecuted by the left-winged media, but he forged ahead. And what a powerful statement he made! Americans are flocking to the theaters in great numbers and, many are leaving the theaters renewed in spirit. His mission has been accomplished.

Gob bless George W. Bush! In the face of a "political correctness," he has stood up for issues he believes in. He believes in the sanctity of life. He has shown that in his opposition to stem-cell research and partial abortion. He, as commander in chief, sent our soldiers to drive out a murderous dictator who tortured and killed his own people and presented a threat to our homeland security as well. He has come out in defense of the sanctity of marriage. These are issues important to mainstream Americans.

I predict that come November, Americans will flock to the polls, just as they flocked to the theaters. The Bush haters, who relentlessly smear him with their ridiculous rhetoric, will be dispelled. His mission will be accomplished!

Joanne Zelensky


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