The Passion of the Terrorist

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Mon Mar 22 14:39:11 MST 2004

All over the world, headline writers shriek the awful
news: Hamas Leader Killed!  UK Condemns Unlawful
Killing! US Deeply Troubled!  Israel Violates
International Law! Protest Held in Athens! Al-Qaeda
'statement' demands revenge against US for Yassin

Holy screaming mullahs, Batman!  You’d think that it
was “The Passion of the Terrorist.”  You’d think that
the evil son-of-a-bitch didn’t deserve a death of far
more epic and painful circumstances. You’d think that
the innocents slaughtered in Israel in nonstop,
wanton, and palpably evil murder-schemes incubated,
hatched and presided over by this degenerate Islamic
nut-case didn’t merit the just retribution meted out
by the same people he’s targeted for death, maiming
and mayhem, regardless of age, sex, race, or
disposition.  For the disgusting and pampered font of
hatred, Yassin, it was simple – Kill! Kill! Kill them
all!  This man had all the compunction and conscience
of a skink.

“Them,” of course, refers first to Israelis, then to
Jews in general, then to all infidels.  Ah, likely
that’d include you, your wife/husband, your children,
and your grandchildren … well, practically everyone
you know or love. But visited by the same angel of
death that Yassin licked in fawning worship and evoked
in all its horrid grandeur, one would think it was the
rape of Mother Theresa!

Oh boy!  Now there’ll be hell to pay.  Why, the Fruits
of Islam will be pissed to no end.  Horny loser dupes
with dishrag hair will unzip in preparation for their
72 pimple-free virgins in the Great Islamic Whorehouse
in the Sky as they declare “JIHAD!” and strap on belts
of plastique.


Jeepers!  They’ll call for the slaughter of all Kufir
Infidels of the Left Hand, whom they hate through and
through!  There will be protests!  Kalashnikovs will
be fired randomly into the air (as though bullets do
not return to Earth).

Wait a minute … all this already has happened, hasn’t
it?  I guess these murdering beasts will just have to
declare Jihad-with-icing-on-top.

Ding-Dong Yassin is dead!  Ding-Dong the Wicked Bitch
is Dead!

Meantime, stupid liberal useful idiots (here and
abroad) will, of course, join the chorus in damning
Israel for a long-overdue act of self-defense that
hopefully eventually will encompass the other
despicable ogre of the Middle East, Yasser Arafat.
Yes, they will howl and they’ll wail and they’ll rend
their seedy garments, and they’ll try to find a way to
blame George Bush for this unspeakable “Crime of the

Wanna bet?


France has usually been governed by prostitutes. (Mark Twain)

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